About to Abode Retails

Home is where the heart is and we have our hearts set on providing you with a space that you had always wished for. After carefully examining global lifestyles, Abode brings to you a perfect culmination of art, design, architecture and optimal residential ambiance.

Started in 2013, this is the Abode brand's venture into providing people with the perfect opportunity to turn a house into their dream homes. Personalize your home according to your niche taste or make your home fit to accommodate your entire extended family.

At Abode, we believe that a home is an instillation of the family's emotion, love and memories. Our extended clientele features the entire spectrum of the human experience. Whether the home is for a bachelor or newlyweds, people with young ones or people with elderly parents, our primary objective is to construct a space where your family can flourish and make a lot of good memories in.

Why Choose Us

Our retail experience is truly unique because of our range of products, effective service, design aesthetics and most importantly, a huge sense of empathy and connect shared with each and every one of our clients.

Another reason would be our effective prices. We also specifically design a particular space based on the budget allotted for the project. From humble havens to vast estates, we are fully equipped to tackle any of your needs.

The pinnacle of quality, Abode assures its clients with products that set the bar for qualitative interior solutions, globally. They are built using the highest grade, technologically forward and easy to maintain materials that make every product we provide you, a part of your family.

Contact Us

Address: No.160/159/166/47, Ground Floor, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore-560068
Telephone: 080-3040 3550/ 4122 3020
E-mail: info@abodeindia.in